Introducing the new wider, lighter & deeper concaved 12″ wide, Axe Ex30. This wheel has been developed using flow forming technology to prove these impressive attributes.

Available in the following sizes in most 5 stud fitments:

8.5 x 20″
10 x 20″
9 x 22″
10.5 x 22″
12 x 22″*

Full gloss black / Gloss black polished* / Gloss silver polished*

The Lenso Conquista A (CQA) is the latest addition to the Lenso range. The CQA offers deep concave styling in staggered setups. This wheel is available in a gloss black and polished finish.

19″ staggered fitments:

8.5J x 19″ – 5/112 – ET42
8.5J x 19″ – 5/114.3 – ET42

8.5J x 19″ – 5/120 – ET35
9.5J x 19″ – 5/120 – ET40

Contact us for more information on fitment, sizes & pricing.



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