NANKANG TYRES: Price Realignment

From Nankang UK:Image result for nankang

“As a result of increased factory manufacturing costs due to raw material price increases, allied then to currency fluctuations, you will be aware that tyre cost prices throughout all PCR segments of the UK marketplace have generally been increasing. Nankang Tyre UK have been working hard with our factories throughout this unstable period to ensure that our prices stayed consistent and competitive and offered you the best value for money (our prices have been consistent since early 2016)

Due to market forces being as they now are, we find ourselves in a position where we have no choice but to increase some of our prices, however we have tempered these by taking the opportunity to realign others where it was possible. This process has resulted in a new price list which will take effect from 1st April 2017.”

Price examples of realigned sizes:

175/65r14 86T NA-1 XL £33

185/55r15 86V ECO-2+ XL £39

185/60r15 88H NA-1 XL £39

185/65r15 92H NA-1 XL £39

195/50r15 82V NS-20 £39

195/55r16 87V NA-1 £45

195/65r15 91H NA-1 £39

205/55r16 91V ECO-2+ £45

205/55r16 94V NA-1 XL £45

215/55R16 93V NS-20  £45

215/55r16 97Y  NS-20 XL£49

225/40r18 92W/Y AS-2+ XL £55

225/45r17 94W/Y AS-2+ XL £49

225/50r17 98Y AS-2+ XL £65

235/40r18 95Y AS-2+ XL £65

255/35r19 96Y NS-20 XL £99

Contact Wheel Power on 01803 293139 to place an order or go to for more stock.


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