UK Government moves to scrap Diesel – Here’s what you need to know

The Government is currently discussing plans to rollout a new scheme which will offer discounts to diesel car owners to make them ditch their vehicle for an energy-efficient equivalent.

It is based on a similar scheme in France, which has been successful, where drivers of diesel cars were handed €10,000 ditch their motor and now 100,000 citizens drive an all-electric car.

The scheme will aim to reduce air pollution and try and encourage Brits to buy more environmentally-friendly cars.
Diesel only-kCMC--621x414@LiveMint.JPG

Government officials are keen for diesel cars to be removed from British roads by 2030.

A pilot scheme is set to take place in the most-polluted areas of the UK such as London before being implemented nationwide.

If the legislation comes into place, diesel drivers will be encouraged to part with their car and opt for an electric or hybrid replacement.

It is likely to be heavily incentivised to buy an eco-car with the government offering sizeable discounts to buyers making the switch.

Car buyers in the UK who opt for electric vehicles currently get a £4,500 contribution towards the cost.

Previous governments have actively encouraged Brits to buy diesel cars as they were thought to be better for the environment.

The reason for this is because they produce less carbon emissions than petrol cars, however diesel cars produce high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

NO2 is harmful to humans and can cause coughing, sore throat and sore eyes. People with respiratory problems, such as asthma, and older people are more at risk from the harmful pollutant.

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