Unboxing: Cast13 RB4 Alloy Wheels

The Cast13 RB4 is their fourth production cast wheel. With the success of their other wheel designs, Cast13 decided to design something a little bit different. Featuring an aggressive mesh spoke DTM design; the RB4 has been engineered with a concave face, more noticeable in the wider sizes. The RB4 will suit a wide range of vehicles; the thick stepped outer lip design helps compliment the smooth lines of the wheel. The valve is hidden in the barrel; this gives the wheel a smooth un-cluttered simple look. The RB4 is load rated to 700kg so can be used on road cars or track vehicles. This wheel has been designed to appeal to the aftermarket customer looking for something a little bit different.

The RB4 is finished in impact silver paint and lacquered for cutting edge looks. The thick outer stepped lip is machine polished creating a very eye catching two tone finish. The concave design also helps with increased brake calliper clearance. The RB4 also features Cast13’s unique signature 3D chrome centre cap.


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