Stop Damaging your Alloy Wheels: 3 Top Tips

Cleaning and Maintaining your Alloys

Dirt build-up can affect the long- and short-term appearance of your wheels – dust and grit look unsightly but they can also scratch your alloys, and road salt can corrode the wheels over time. You should wash your wheels around once a week by cleaning off any dirt and grit, then rinsing with soapy water.

Alloy Gator has developed a tried and tested, cost effective and durable alloy wheel protection system which vastly reduces the risk of wheel damage.

Alloy Gator is manufactured to an internationally recognised Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry.CLICK HERE to find them in our store.

A huge range of colours are available including new Gold, Bronze and Glow in the Dark!


Fixing Damaged Alloys

Whilst driving carefully can reduce the damage done to alloy wheels, sometimes wear and tear is unavoidable. It is possible to fix cosmetic faults by sanding and repainting – done properly, this will leave your wheel as good as new.

Our experts at Wheel Power can refurbish and give your damaged wheels back the pride of place on your vehicle.refurb.png

Keep Them Road Worthy

Alloys can add a level of glamour and style to a vehicle when they are in prime condition, but a set of poorly maintained wheels can end up not only reduce the aesthetic value of the car but also the overall cost. To keep your car in top shape, wheel maintenance is one of the many things you can do. Contact us at Wheel Power for more information.


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